A Real DITY Move: Planning

The first issue for Aaron and Pam to decide upon was how they wanted to transport their property. To make this decision, they considered their options: rent and drive a truck, contract with a "You Pack, We Drive" company, or use a mobile container solution. The main factors in their decision were:

  • Distance of the Move: Moving from Maryland to Colorado would entail several days on the road.
  • Family Situation: Performing a DITY Move with two small children and a parent in school greatly complicated the entire process.
  • Storage Requirements: For this move, they already had a house waiting for them so no storage would be needed.
  • Personal Vehicles: They own two vehicles. They had to consider how to get them to Colorado.

They ended up choosing to use a "You Pack, We Drive" company, in particular ABF. This worked best for their situation. They had rented and driven trucks for previous, shorter distance moves, but they did not want to drive one for the distance involved in this move, especially with two young children. Additionally, their choice allowed them to drive both of their vehicles rather than towing one or having it shipped. Finally, since they had a house waiting for them in Colorado, they did not need a mobile storage container that could be placed into storage while they sought housing.

The next issue was to come up with a rough plan for packing up their property. Aaron still had to work, attend school, and see to the many details of leaving his Maryland job. Pam was heavily occupied with the constant requirements of raising two young children and tending a home. It became apparent that a long packing lead time would be required. They decided on a packing schedule that started several months in advance of their planned loading date. Weekends became heavy packing days and Pam packed at least one box a day during the kids' naps.

The actual loading date had to be established well ahead of time. Loading day is the deadline for the packing stage, and also marks a major milestone towards completion of the move. ABF had to know when to deliver the trailer, the housing rental office had to know when the house would be vacated, and the help of friends had to be enlisted for the lifting and carrying. They paid particular attention to pick trailer delivery dates on which ABF offered a discount.

They had saved the best boxes from their last move, wrapped in plastic and kept safe from the elements. They still needed more, however, so they ended up purchasing some online. The boxes arrived quickly and in good condition.