DITY Strategy

A DITY move will be much more rewarding and profitable if a strategy is established early and carried through to completion. A strategy will help you to make the proper decisions to ensure your DITY move accomplishes the goals you've set.

Most people decide to try a DITY move to make a profit. Others just don't want to turn their belongings over to somebody else. Whatever your reasons, developing a sound strategy up front will help you to meet your goals with the minimum amount of trouble.

Of course, your goals will likely include both of those listed above. In that case you must strike a balance between them.

Helpful Hints

  • The two approaches listed on this page are not mutually exclusive. They do affect how you spend money on the move and the amount of risk you're willing to accept.
  • Try to ensure that all members of the household agree on the approach to the DITY move. After all, there will be a lot of preparation and other work involved, so everybody needs to have a solid dedication to the undertaking. Moving is difficult enough without adding a point of contention.