You Pack/We Drive

This option is often the most profitable way to perform a DITY move. The basic idea is simple. The company offering the service delivers a trailer (or other container) to your home and leaves it there for a couple of days. You are responsible for the packing and loading of your belongings into the trailer. The company will then send a driver to haul the trailer to your new home.

This option is particularly attractive because the cost is commonly equal to or lower than the cost of a rental truck. Also consider that you are not responsible for the cost of fuel and tolls along the way. And this Dity option comes with the ultimate advantage: not driving a truck across the country.

Here are our recommended companies that offer this option:

Other DITY options:

Helpful Hints:

  • Not all companies will work for all moves. You may have to meet distance requirements with some services.
  • This option works best if you already have a known delivery address or anticipate only a few days of delay before having a new home.
  • If you anticipate needing to store your goods at your final destination, consider using ABF's Relocubes.Relocubes are containers that can easily be stored at much cheaper rates than keeping your belongings on a trailer. They also offer ground-level loading and unloading, simplifying your moving. (Ask for an itemized receipt that separates storage fees from shipment fees for DITY filing and reimbursement purposes. As always, check with your finance office prior to making any arrangments for details on reimbursement.)
  • Some companies may charge extra fees for items such as ramps, packing blankets, and weight tickets (Weight tickets are absolutely necessary for reimbursement when using the military's Personally Procured Transportation/Dity Move program!).
  • Consider local restrictions on parking a moving trailer outside of your house for several days. Some covenants or base regulations may prohibit or limit this.