Rental Trailers

Renting a trailer is a popular option for those who have a small amount of goods or those who have a few precious items they wish to transport themselves.

Cars can typically pull small to medium sized trailers. Either small hitches can be permanently added to the vehicle, or a temporary hitch can be rented. Your rental company can tell you how large a trailer you can tow with your particular vehicle. They can also tell you what options are available for both permanent and temporary hitches.

Trailers are often used to pull cars or trucks behind rental trucks. This tends to work well, but will obviously increase cost of both rental and fuel for the trip. Your rental company can fill you in with all of the details on what truck/trailer combinations will work and whether your vehicle will require a specialized trailer.

U-Haul provides trailer rental across the continental United States. They can also install hitches and wiring harnesses on most vehicles.

Other DITY options:

Helpful Hints:

  • Consider how comfortable you are driving with a trailer.
  • Find out how large a trailer you can tow with your vehicle.
  • Make sure you can actually get as much in the trailer as you are planning. Consider the size of the door on the trailer. Sometimes they are smaller than the inner dimensions.