This option should be used by everybody who owns a vehicle and is driving it from one duty location to another. You will undoubtedly be taking some belongings with you, even if it only amounts to clothing and other personal items. If you file for a partial DITY, then you will get paid to move those items. If you don't file for a partial DITY, then you won't get paid even though you still moved them.

File and get some money. Don't file, don't get any money. Are you convinced yet?

If you own a truck or van that is capable of carrying a lot of stuff, you can make a POV DITY into a nice little undertaking on its own. It can add some peace of mind to a move when you are able to personally carry some of your most valuable or precious items. Of course, remember that a vehicle that is visibly packed to the roof might make a tempting target for thieves. Make sure you properly safeguard your stuff on the road.

See your JPPSO or equivalent for details and the required paperwork. Remember that this paperwork must be filled out ahead of time!

Other DITY options:

Helpful Hints:

  • You still have to get weight tickets (for both the empty and the loaded vehicle) to be reimbursed for a POV DITY.
  • Make sure you understand the rules on what the government will pay you to move. Houseplants, pets, family members, and other items may not be included in the loaded weight of your vehicle. Your local JPPSO or equivalent can provide you with guidance.