Full Service Movers

Full Service Movers do pretty much everything. They will send out a team to pack everything in your house in boxes. They will disassemble beds and other items as required. They will load the truck at origin and unload it at destination. You can even ask them to unpack and take the boxes away at your new home! Ask about all of these services when dealing with a moving company. Some of them may come with extra cost.

Ensure that you select a full-service moving company that will supply the certified weight tickets required for you to claim reimbursement. These tickets must be annotated in accordance with the rules as laid out by your JPPSO/TMO/Personal Property Office. This typically includes having the weight tickets stamped and signed by the weighmaster. Failure to obtain weight tickets may leave you paying for the entire move without any reimbursement.

Changes to the federal regulations may prohibit profit from using outside companies to perform all of the labor in a move. Contact your local TMO/JPPSO/Personal Property Office before proceeding to hire a full-service moving company.

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Helpful Hints:

  • Full service movers are good at estimating weight. If you're considering using a full service mover, ask them if they are willing to send somebody out to give you an estimate of the amount of weight you have. They should be able to do this fairly quickly and the quote should come along with it.
  • Always ask for a military discount. Sometimes this will work and sometimes it will not. It never hurts to ask.
  • Make sure you understand Bills of Lading and the other documents you may be asked to sign.
  • Read everything and triple-check the insurance issues.
  • Contact your local legal office and ask them if they will be willing to help you in the event you need to file claims for damage with the moving company you select.