Packing Breakable Items

There's no surefire way to keep everything safe in a move. Some items are at higher risk, and they should be packaged with more attention to detail to help ensure they come through without suffering damage.

Packaging is key with breakable items. Padding should be used to keep them from contacting other items. There are many products available that are designed for specific items.

The main issues with breakable items will be crushing, pressure points, and contact with other items. If you can prevent these issues, your items will much more likely survive without damage to your new home.

Helpful Hints

  • Use the proper boxes. Original packaging for breakable items is best. Otherwise, ensure the boxes you use are sturdy and sound. Corrugated will typically offer the best protection. "Dishpack" boxes are designed to be stronger to keep crushable items safe.
  • Don't scrimp on the padding. Padding serves several purposes. It not only directly protects items, it also ensures that boxes have minimal empty space that can lead to crushing by other objects.
  • Consider purchasing custom packaging solutions for your most breakable items. These are available from most packaging vendors and will help ease the time involved in packing breakables.