On The Road

Planning is essential for your road trip. After the activity of packing, loading, outprocessing, and all of the other considerations involved in leaving your old home behind, the travel to your new home might seem simple by comparison. Take the time to develop at least a basic outline of your trip. You may find that a little strategizing before departure can avoid some annoyance and extra expense on the road.

A cell phone is an important part of any cross-country excursion. Roaming rates can be a little bit expensive, but the ability to summon help in a pinch typically outweighs this concern. Make sure you have a car-charger for your phone. Away from main population centers, you're likely to end up using analog towers which will drain your battery very rapidly.

Pace yourself. If you feel run down, take it easy. Consider stopping early and relaxing in a hotel to recharge. Burning a day or two of leave enroute is much better than placing yourself and your family at risk. Falling asleep at the wheel happens all the time. Don't put yourself in that situation.

Some considerations that might easily be overlooked:

Helpful Hints

  • Remember that a rental truck will not travel nearly as quickly as your POV. Plan your route and schedule accordingly.
  • Bring at least a little cash with you. Credit cards and travelers checks will work nicely for most enroute expenses, but it can be very handy to have cash for tolls and small purchases.
  • Take into account the limitations inherent in moving trucks and trailers. When pulling into gas stations and restaurants, look for the parking spot that will allow you to easily leave when you're ready.
  • When leaving your trailer or rental truck overnight, be certain to secure the door with a good lock. On trailers you should also lock the hitch (the rental company can show you how to do this). For added security, back the trailer wheels up to a curb, set the parking brake on the vehicle, and lock the vehicle. Remember that some thieves will not try to break into your trailer when they can just unhitch it and tow the whole thing away.
  • Call ahead for reservations at hotels along the way. Finding out after a hard day of driving that there are no more rooms can add unnecessary stress to the moving experience.
  • Drive your rental truck nicely. After all, it's your stuff bouncing around back there.