Loading Refrigerators

The sheer size of refrigerators and freezers makes them difficult to maneuver. They will typically be a tight squeeze through most doors and stairwells in your home. Consider that they are commonly placed in basements and you can understand why people dislike moving them.

Refrigerators and freezers tend to have few good handholds. Those that they have tend to be sharp-edged, making them painful to use.

We strongly recommend the use of an appliance dolly to move these items about. An appliance dolly has a built-in strap that is designed to secure items. They can be rented at many U-Haul locations. Ask for a quick lesson on the proper use of the strap when you pick up the dolly. Many people use these improperly which can lead to accidents and damage to your goods. Used properly, the strap will be pulled very tightly around the item with no sagging.

The backs of refrigerators and freezers tend to have easily damaged cooling assemblies. This can make them tricky to load. Some of these assemblies have slightly sharp edges that can mar walls and furniture, and even cause cuts on hands. Also note that the vent at the bottom front of many refrigerators can come off. Look to see if there is a drip tray underneath the refrigerator before pushing the dolly underneath.

Helpful Hints:

  • Turn your refrigerator or freezer off well before loading, especially if they are not frostless. Waiting hours for them to defrost can really throw off your loading schedule. Also, ensuring that they've warmed to room temperature will help to avoid condensation that could encourage mildew and odors.
  • Copper piping for icemakers and water dispensers is easily crimped. Consider removing or securing it to avoid leaks when you hook it up again.
  • Ensure that internal parts such as shelves and drawers are secured to avoid movement and damage.
  • Check your owner's manual for any model-specific transportation concerns.
  • Power cords can be stowed just inside the back of some refrigerators and freezers. Exercise caution to avoid damaging internal parts.
  • Zip strips are handy for securing cords and tubing.
  • Be careful when sliding refrigerators or freezers. Due to their weight and small feet, they can easily tear linoleum floors.