Loading Pianos

Pianos offer one of the greatest opportunities for injury during a DITY move. We encourage you to at least call to find out the price to hire professional piano movers. Mosts phone books will list them.

If you decide to move your piano yourself, get several helpers. Don't rush. Make sure everybody understands exactly how each step of the move will take place.

Some piano stores will disassemble and crate pianos for shipment. This can be an excellent option to help ensure the safety of your piano. Consider consulting them for advice even if they don't offer this service.

Helpful Hints

  • Don't roll the piano once inside the truck. Their weight combined with typically small wheels and rough truck floor can result in broken wheels.
  • Consider loading them in the front of the truck with their back against the front wall.
  • Be very careful. Injuring yourself in the middle of a DITY move can throw a huge wrench into the entire process, plus it's not fun.