Loading Odd-Shaped Items

Loading odd-shaped items can be a challenge that requires creativity and planning. Each item is different but still requires protection from the following:

  • Crushing - make sure the item can handle not just the force from the weight of objects resting on top or against it, but the force exerted when those objects bounce on it or against it as the vehicle hits bumps in the road or takes turns.
  • Abrasion/Movement - Don't allow items to sit loosely against or on top of the item. Movement is the source of scratches and abrasions and over a long trip can sometimes wear through some packaging.
  • Shifting - If your load shifts, then all kinds of bad things can happen. Additionally, a load that shifts against the door can make it difficult and dangerous to open.
  • Pressure Points - A single chair leg pressing against the side of an object can exert a lot of force in that one spot. You can end up with dents, abrasions, or even holes in objects.

Keep these issues in mind as you look for places in which you can fit odd-shaped items.

Here are some hints for some common odd-shaped items:

Helpful Hints

  • Don't put off the odd-shaped items for the very end. By working them in as you go along, you stand a better chance of finding appropriate locations for everything. Trying to fit all of your unusual items in at the back of the truck leads to a tangle that will be difficult to stabilize and more prone to damage.
  • Don't let your fatigue get the best of you. As the day progresses and you get more tired, you may start to not care about packing properly. Try to avoid this. You may later regret decisions made just to get done quickly.