Loading Motorcycles

Motorcycles require careful consideration when loading. The problem with motorcycles lies not just in protecting them from damage, but in keeping them secured so they don't damage other items. The average street bike weighs hundreds of pounds and can be a serious threat in turns and hard stops made by the driver of the truck.

It's possible to construct a compartment for motorcycles by using one or more sturdy pieces of wood to span the distance between items on either side of the motorcycle.

Consider placing either the front or back wheel directly against the front wall to absorb force in the event of a sudden application of the brakes.

The motorcycle should be prevented from moving by placing soft, non-abrasive items tightly between the motorcycle and the objects on either side. Immobilize the steering to further decrease movement.

Ensure you omply with requirements for draining fuel, oil, and disconnecting the battery. Check with your rental company for details.

Helpful Hints

  • Consider removing mirrors and other protuberances to avoid damage enroute.
  • Avoid riding the motorcycle up the ramp and into the truck. It might seem to be the easiest solution, but it can also be VERY dangerous. Instead, consider getting a few helpers to push it in.
  • Consider loading the motorcycle longways in the truck. Placing it sideways decreases its stability and will cause rocking with every start and stop of the truck. Of course, the final decision should be made dependent on your particular load.
  • Bags stuffed with pillows, bedspreads, sleeping bags, etc. can provide excellent padding on either side of the motorcycle to help prevent movement and abrasion/scratching. Make sure that anything allowed to contact the motorcycle is non-abrasive.
  • Construct a compartment very carefully. Keep in mind that the bridge you construct over the motorcycle will transfer all of the weight over the motorcycle onto the items around the motorcycle. Ensure you've chosen items that can handle this. Also be sure your bridge cannot move or otherwise collapse on your motorcycle.