Loading Grills

Depending on the grill you own, it may be easily damaged. Some have easily bent legs and weak wheels. The aluminum of many gas grills is somewhat brittle and can break.

If you can, try to disassemble the grill, making notes as required so you can easily reassemble it. If you cannot do this, then try to pack it so that minimal weight is placed on it.

Don't try to ship the propane tank as many carriers will not accept them. Also, clean the grill out so that your other items don't become covered in soot.

Helpful Hints

  • It is possible to ship some things inside a grill, but choose carefully and ensure they are light and not breakable (hoses, plastic pots, etc.). This can make the most of space that would otherwise go wasted in the truck.
  • Many grills have loose parts inside that will move around if tipped or bounced. Check the interior of the grill and secure any items that might otherwise be damaged by this movement.