Loading Exercise Machines

Exercise Bikes and Treadmills are among the most difficult packing items you're likely to have. Due to their size, shape and weight, they often present a threat to adjacent items. Use bungees and rope as necessary to immobilize the moving parts and secure them in place.

Some exercise machines may be able to be partly disassembled or folded. Exercise bikes may have removable pedals (the thread direction may be different on each side of the bike) and the handlebars may be adjustable or turnable (see our bicycles page).

Consult your users manual for shipping advice. There may be model-specific precautions for your equipment.

Helpful Hints

  • Electronic displays are vulnerable on many exercise machines. While the majority of the machine may be sturdy metal, the displays are often less durable plastic. Take measures to protect them.
  • The weight of the flywheels in many machines is substantial and often concentrated at one end. Be very careful when lifting and moving them. Try to get a partner to help