Loading Chairs

In general, try to place chairs up higher in the load to keep weight off of them. Ensure they are wrapped to avoid abrasion.

Chairs can be problematic when they have a sloping back, making them difficult to fit in nicely between boxes. Avoid forcing the backs into upright positions when this causes force to be exerted only on the front or back legs.

Swiveling desk chairs present additional challenges. Not only are they oddly shaped, but their wheels will suffer damage if heavy weight is loaded on top of them. Some desk chairs can have their rolling assemblies removed, making two smaller objects that can be more easily loaded.

Helpful Hints

  • Place chairs in your staging area early. Keeping them available will help you notice any unique gaps in the load that might accomodate them.
  • Sets of identical chairs can sometimes be made to fit together like puzzle pieces.
  • Chair legs can be dangerous to adjacent items. If necessary, wrap the ends to try to prevent damage to other items they may contact.
  • Avoid placing force on the side of a chair. They are designed to best handle forces from above.