Loading Bicycles

Bicycles are a common challenge when loading a truck. Most bicycles can be fitted into a load by modifying them to present a slightly flatter shape.

Try loosening the bolt that sits atop the steering column. This should allow you to turn the handlebars to the side so that they line up with the front tire. Make sure everyone knows that the handlebars are loosened so they don't hop on for a small ride and injure themselves.

You can also remove the pedals. Pay close attention to the thread direction on the pedals as they are often different on each side of the bike. If you leave them on, ensure they don't damage adjacent items.

Helpful Hints

  • Ensure you don't crimp any cables when turning the handlebars sideways or loading the bike.
  • Spokes can be easily damaged if another object is sitting against them.
  • Derailleurs (the shifting assembly that guides the chain) should not be subjected to a lot of force.
  • Lower the seat all the way to make the bike slightly smaller.
  • When placing bikes right next to each other, watch out for tangles that might make them difficult to get apart.
  • Consider wrapping bikes in blankets to avoid scratches and tangles.
  • Consider standing bikes upright unless they are sitting on top of the load.